Featured Artists - February 2024

Anita Wexler is a graduate of Parsons New School and Bank Street College of Education, both in New York City.  She followed my BFA up with an MEd from National Louis University,

She is in her sixteenth year of teaching in Sarasota County Schools; both in the special needs department as well as my current position as an Art teacher.  Anita is currently teaching 3D studio art and Ceramics.   

Her work has exhibited by work internationally, nationally and locally. Her paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in numerous museum shows:  Museum of the Americas, Andrew Art Museum, Ormond Beach Museum, South Florida Museum, and Lake Eustis Museum (also part of their permanent collection) and others.  Her artwork has been featured on both HGTV’s on Crafter’s Coast to Coast and Isn’t that Clever; and on GulfCoast Journal with Carl Perkins. Her paintings, scultptures and drawings are many private collections including that of William Wegman and Jane Seymour. 

 Her work continues to experiment with color, texture and subject matter as her Indigenous roots and international travels have influenced my work whether it be Australia, Greece, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Guatemala, India, Thailand, and so many other countries. 

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Augusto Argandoña is a well known artist who has gained recognition for his crisp and realistic watercolors. With a degree in Industrial Design from California State University, he has practiced his profession for 20 years all the while pursuing his passion for painting. While working as a Designer he started painting watercolors as a hobby, as his skill expanded, he began doing paintings for relatives and showing his art publicly. The positive response his work received fueled his enthusiasm and in 1990 he began a new career painting full time primarily in watercolors. Based on his formal training as a Designer, Argandoña has developed a distinctive painting style which has wide appeal and provides him with many opportunities to use his talent. His artistic versatility and expertise in the challenging medium of watercolors coupled with his approach at marketing his art has won him a feature article in the June 1992 issue of North Light Magazine, an art publication with national circulation. Previously a resident of East Aurora, NY, Argandoña moved to Sarasota, FL. in 1997.

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Painter Beck Lane has been a working artist for over four decades. The artist's multimedium work can be found in collections from Cape Cod to NYC to CA, from So. America to Israel to Qatar. Beck is often called "prolific" & a "painter's painter", while the work is described by collectors & viewers as "the future of painting".

Lane's earlier work consisted of fairly traditional figurative vignettes but, over the last 10 yrs, the paintings have evolved into a gripping, visual adventure Beck calls "von innen" (or "from within"). It is a wholly unique style developed by applying both flat & glossy oil paint over aerosols over black & white gesso with pencil, chalk & oil pastel sometimes thrown into the mix. The result is an engaging force of techniques that express an emotional undercurrent thru color & texture.

One supporter described the work as being "the love child of a Russian graffiti artist & Vincent Van Gogh". While another wrote, "I love this woman's art. When I view it, I literally don't want to For a momentary flash of darkness may cause a distraction and I don't want to miss a thing."

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"Calling my artwork bas-relief," Mack says, "is incorrect since bas-relief technically refers to low relief sculpture. My art, in fact, has more physical depth than high relief; it incorporates various elements in full-round rising toward the viewer as in my "Illusion" image where her leg leaves the background extending into space. Technically, sculptures combining various levels of relief and full-round parts are called 'Alto Relief' sculptures.

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For over 40 years Claire has gained extensive experience in the art and craft industry as a business owner and a freelance artist. During her early career while living in PA she owned and operated MSU distributors, classic fibers and Chateau art after selling her business she moved to Florida in 1990 where she added set design mosaics and Fine Art to her career achievements. By the end of the '90s she had developed and extensively exhibited her integrated design fine art portfolio. She was an active Community Arts volunteer for the city of casselberry. She co-designed and managed the Casselberry Art House exterior Mosaic and was awarded Casselberry artist of the year in 2003.

After a few years of traveling and providing extended family support Claire and her husband return to their family estate in Marietta PA in 2010 on those grounds she opened the Marietta Art House gallery and Studio to educate and provide exhibit space for artists in the surrounding tri-country area. As a response to a growing interest in mosaics she founded the Mosaic Workshop where she taught 2D and 3D Mosaic techniques for 5 years. During that time she designed all graphic advertising for Gallery exhibitions and events. While in PA Claire was a regular exhibitor and occasional instructor at subsquatch Hana Center for creative arts. She and her husband retired to Sarasota in 2019 to rejoin her family and once again participate in the Florida art scene. Claire is now enjoying working with her Florida home studio while creating works for a mosaic Sculpture Garden on their property. This year Claire resumed her interest in religious iconography and is proud to include that to her treasured Trove of art experiences to share with future art students. In 2020 Claire was commissioned by the city of Casselberry to design a mural for the Casselberry sculpture house located along Quail Pond Road in that cities art park. He was designer and project manager of the 22-ft long Mosaic mural which was installed along the front entrance wall. The project took 8 weeks from concept to completion.

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These works are from our clients outside of the Sarasota, Florida Market - Let us know if you're interested in one of these pieces so we can get you a price.

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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Creaturo has an extensive artistic career.  He was a student at School of Industrial Art and at School of Art and Design in NYC.  Frank has been recognized with countless awards, featured in many newspapers for his works, has had several one man shows and was even spotlighted on Eyewitness News in New York.

Creaturo has been active in many charity events, he's designed program covers for American Diabetes Foundation, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, and Make a Wish.

In late 2005, Creaturo had one-man shows at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Sarasota and at the Shands Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

He has a unique style, which shows through in both his contemporary painting and realistic people from the late 1930's to the 1950's.

As for his contemporary works, they're full of colors and movements.  He plays with the use of light, shadows and figures and has developed a new and personal style of organization of color.

Award winning international artist Niska, said of his old works, "It really brings us back to a period in time that evokes emotions where everything seemed slower, kinder and authentic.  You feel it through the faces, the clothing, and the details given to the background surroundings.  BRAVO !!!"

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Gail is an elected member of the New Jersey Watercolor Society, the Garden State Watercolor Society and the New Jersey League of Professional Artists and the Baltimore Watercolor Society. She is also an exhibiting member of the Women Contemporary Artists of Florida, Annapolis Watercolor Club and associate member of the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club of New York City, The American Watercolor Society and a long time member of the NJ Art Educators. Ms White has studied with several prominent New Jersey artists, internationally known artists, and at the Ringling School of Design in Sarasota.

Gail retired as art teacher from Wall Township School District, after having taught in Monmouth County schools for 30 years. Ms White attained her Bachelor degree from the College of New Jersey and Master's degree from Georgian Court University. She currently is a member of the instructional staff at Art Center Sarasota, Florida, teaching watercolor in the fall and winter months.  During the summer months, the artist teaches several art classes at the Anne Arundel Community College in Annapolis, M.D.  Additionally, she gives watercolor demonstrations and workshops for various organizations and art associations. The artist divides her time between her homes in Annapolis, MD, and Sarasota, FL.


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Harry Roa Gallery :: Sarasota Fine Jewelers 

Combining his love for architecture & jewelry Harry’s designs have won many prestigious awards.

At age 19 Harry found his calling and trained with Master Jewelers and designers while honing his craft.

Specializing in the lost wax process and only fabricating with precious metals he designs and manufactures using novel high quality gemstones.

With his uncanny sense of ergonomics and modern conceptual design ethic Harry’s jewelry wears like your favorite jeans with a lot of bling added.

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“Be original, have a one of a kind” own a GERRO

Helen Gerro’s back ground is fashion design followed with painting art since the eighties, her couture inspired paintings jumped off her canvas’s onto her designer fashions. Thus making original one of a kind hand painted postmodern statement making designer dresses which is a piece of art in itself.  Gerro's paintings  are bold, colorful, figurative, glamorous, whimsical paintings of the female form inspired from being a fashion designer.
Helen Gerro moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida from Minnesota in 2002 getting her creative thoughts on how she could merge art and fashion together by, coinciding her art & onto her couture dresses in which she designs and hand paints in popping colors of day glow,  More about Helen on her website

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Hugh Davies was raised in Nigeria and England, educated in Somerset and studied fine art at Brighton College of Art and Chelsea College of Art, London where he received his Masters Degree in Fine Art. He has served on the faculties of distinguished institutions including Chelsea College of Art, Oxford University, the University of the Arts, London and Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota FL.Davies’ work has been exhibited in more than 60 group and solo exhibitions in significant galleries and museums internationally.In the United Kingdom these include Redfern Gallery, The Royal Academy, The National Museum of Wales, Bradford City Museums, The Gulbenkian Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, and Walker Art Gallery and Museum. His paintings have shown in Paris (Galerie Sabin Herbert), Berlin (Raab Gallery), Johannesburg (Everard Bearne Gallery), Perth (Western Australia Museum of Art) and galleries throughout America including Allyn Gallup Contemporary in Sarasota, Hal Katzen Gallery NY, Longstreth Goldberg Gallery in Naples FL and Museum of the Arts, Sebring FL.

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Jack Dowd’s infatuation with the arts began early. He was born in New York in 1938 and as a young person growing up in the 1940’s and 50’s, he enjoyed many of the advantages of being in the exciting art capital of the Post-War world. In addition to the exuberant experience of exploring the new ideas of the avant-garde art produced in the city, Dowd attributes the influence of the great American films of that day with igniting his imagination and firing his quest for adventure.

In his early career, Dowd pursued employment that enabled him to travel and he chose both exotic and not so exotic places for his work. The experience of meeting and working with many different people helped him develop an insight into the human psyche that serves today to allow him to endow his sculpted figures with humor, sensitivity, pathos, satire and even hubris.



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 Royo Spanish Artist: B. 1941. Born in 1941 in Valencia, Spain, Jose Royo began demonstrating his artistic talent early. At the age of 9 his father, a prominent physician and avid art enthusiast, employed private tutors to instruct Royo in drawing, painting, and sculpture. When Royo turned 14 he entered the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia. Upon turning 18 Royo continued his artistic studies privately with Aldolfo Ferrer Amblat, Chairman of Art Studies at the San Carlos Academy. He also visited the major museums in Europe at this time to study the famous masters-Velasquez, Goya, Renoir, Monet, and Sorolla among others. During the mid-60's-early 70's Royo added more dimensions to his skills creating theatre sets and doing graphic illustration and restoration work. He also participated in prestigious competitions gaining major distinctions. In 1968 he began to exhibit in Spain, specifically Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona.


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K. Adams is an Impressionist & Modern painter. K. Adams's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $4600  to $9400, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 2013 the record price for this artist at auction is $9400 for Dutch Town Scene, sold at Sheppards Auction House in 2013.

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A native Minnesotan, but my soul comes from Hawaii, the tropics and the ocean.... My art shows in private homes and businesses in many US states, coast to coast, and in Australia, Europe and Canada.  I've sold about 900 pieces.

I exhibit twice annually at my home gallery and show by appointment.  I've drawn since a young child.... and painted for the past 30 years, continually becoming less and less structured.  My art is abstract design, very bold texture and expressive.  To me, it is very spiritual.

I generally paint with acrylics and a palette knife, often using genuine gold, silver or copper leaf.  Common interpretations are water, sailing & marinas, forests, evergreen trees and abstract florals.  Colors tend towards greens, blues, purples, reds, black, natural and metallics.


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 "Art has always lived in within me. It makes its way out of my psyche in so many 
ways. Various subjects in nature, in space and the cosmos, combined with my imagination have motivated me to continue to sharpen my artistic abilities. I find that acrylic, collage, and mixed media are my favorite materials to work with. Some of my pieces are completely abstract while others are a mix of both abstraction and realism. My compositions come alive with colorful shapes and characters within mysterious environments. Each work tells separate magical stories of their own."

     "I am a retired High School art teacher of 25 years originally from Maryland. My husband Dan and I moved to the Sarasota area in 2014. Never in my life have I been so affected by the sun’s light, the sunsets, and sunrises until we settled here. The beauty of the Florida sky, the flora and the fauna has made such a positive impact on me and my art. My years teaching and challenging students to express themselves also continue to be a source of inspiration and passion in my own work."

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I am a photographer located in the Tampa Bay area in Florida working in a number of photographic areas, Landscapes, Wildlife, Commercial and selective Portrait work. I also work for private commission work if requested. 

My start in photography was after forming a masters elite sponsored womens track team which required me to learn both sides of the camera.  I found I had both an eye and a passoion and embraced the new Nikon Z9 when it came out which is currently my tool of choice,

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For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to see the human experience through the biggest possible lens.  What are the commonalities of our species?   What is unique?  My dread is to wake up one day and realize my world view is a shriveled fearful thing.  There are others out there with the same desire/dread--I know because I've met some of you; and would like to meet more.  So this website is for us.

Here you will find connections that have been useful to me.  You can:

  • Participate in a generational adventure with a village in Africa which is emerging from poverty.
  • Learn about the parenting crisis in the West and be part of the solution.
  • Get beyond comfortable platitudes regarding the poor.
  • Grow in spirit, (I'm a Christian, but I promise to be non-judgmental)

Finally, you can buy art.  Most of the original art has sold; however reasonably priced fine art prints are available in various sizes and formats.  The common theme is the monotony of life in a foreign culture, whether that culture is at home or across the world.  The hope is that in some non-verbal way the art will expand our perspectives.

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Robert Bery is a New York City artist who works in painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Through his art, Bery promotes peaceful themes and has said "My intention is to reflect, challenge and inspire the viewer through color and image." In the wake of WWII, Robert Bery’s family emigrated from Romania to Israel when he was only six. There, as an adult, he served in the military as an electric technician, applying his highly accomplished engineering and technical skills to aviation communication systems and the production of Phantom jets

During an archaeological excavation in Israel, Bery discovered his passion for art. After a period of reflection, he decided to focus his talents to foster communication and unity among peoples, and art would be his vehicle. Following the Yom Kippur War, Bery devoted himself fully to his artistic pursuits, studying at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris and at the studios of Henry Moore and Jacques Lipshitz in Italy.

"Bery vs. the City of New York" - Bery sued the City of New York in 1993 to fight against a law forbidding artists from selling their work on the streets without a vending license. More info from Wikipedia

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