Main & Lemon


Main & Lemon, Watercolor 17x28         

27.5x38.5     Framed 1,800     


Augusto Argandoña is a well known artist who has gained recognition for his crisp and realistic watercolors. With a degree in Industrial Design from California State University, he has practiced his profession for 20 years all the while pursuing his passion for painting. While working as a Designer he started painting watercolors as a hobby, as his skill expanded, he began doing paintings for relatives and showing his art publicly. The positive response his work received fueled his enthusiasm and in 1990 he began a new career painting full time primarily in watercolors. Based on his formal training as a Designer, Argandoña has developed a distinctive painting style which has wide appeal and provides him with many opportunities to use his talent. His artistic versatility and expertise in the challenging medium of watercolors coupled with his approach at marketing his art has won him a feature article in the June 1992 issue of North Light Magazine, an art publication with national circulation. Previously a resident of East Aurora, NY, Argandoña moved to Sarasota, FL. in 1997.

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