Image size 18"x24" acrylic and mixed media. Framed and matted,25"x31"

 "Art has always lived in within me. It makes its way out of my psyche in so many 
ways. Various subjects in nature, in space and the cosmos, combined with my imagination have motivated me to continue to sharpen my artistic abilities. I find that acrylic, collage, and mixed media are my favorite materials to work with. Some of my pieces are completely abstract while others are a mix of both abstraction and realism. My compositions come alive with colorful shapes and characters within mysterious environments. Each work tells separate magical stories of their own."

     "I am a retired High School art teacher of 25 years originally from Maryland. My husband Dan and I moved to the Sarasota area in 2014. Never in my life have I been so affected by the sun’s light, the sunsets, and sunrises until we settled here. The beauty of the Florida sky, the flora and the fauna has made such a positive impact on me and my art. My years teaching and challenging students to express themselves also continue to be a source of inspiration and passion in my own work."

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